Jamaican Black cake

Jamaican Black cake


As with all recipes, there are slight variations across cultures but the base ingredients and the preparations are almost identical. After baking the cake is ‘wined’ (I opt for a combo of wine and premium overproof rum) with another helping or 2 of port wine, before serving


The Jamaican Black Cake is a holiday-themed or recycled butter cookies tin occurs out to be a hallmark of Caribbean Black Cake. Once the lid gets lifted, the cake gets covered in clear plastic wrap or wax paper; however, the faint, sweet smell of rum or wine & fruit wafts through the air. The black cake is soft however dense, like a memory foam pillow. This cake gets made easily in a large bowl, along with cream together with the butter & Chelsea White Sugar until light & Fluffy. It gets beaten in eggs while adding rum, lime juice, vanilla, almond essence & lime zest.


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